Struggling to step your putting game up? Honestly, putting is one of the most technical and important parts of golf. No one wants to end up having to put three times to get it in the hole, right? Well we have some tips to help you improve your putting and better your golf game.


  • Practice Makes Perfect!

Make sure that you are practicing your putting just as often as you practice driving. When it comes to putting, you want to make sure that you have as little swings as possible. Who wants to end up putting three times at the green when they had a near perfect game with their long haul swings? Be sure to practice putting so you can always keep your score low.

  • “Gator Clamp”

Steve Scott came up with this technique to hold your putter so that you aren’t anchoring it to your body. You simply clamp your right hand over your left forearm, just above where you are gripping the putter. This will allow you to stabilize the putter more without having to anchor it and break the rules.

  • Focus On Your Target – Long Distance Putts

When putting, especially long distance, rather than looking at the ball, try focusing on the target. This will help you to evaluate the distance of the putt and in turn help you make it closer to the hole.

  • Routine!

Maintaining and routine while putting will help you to get the results you want and better your game. Routine helps to create consistency with the body and mind. Try having a physical and mental routine when you are stepping up to putt.

  • Don’t Hit The Ball Up

Someone may have tried to convince you at one point that hitting the ball up is a good idea, but they were wrong. Hitting the ball up will create a hop in the spin, so it will not be as soft and less likely to go where you are aiming. Try keeping the putter lower to create a soft strike and less hop.

  • Wiggle Room!

Try keeping your body at a reasonable distance from your arms when long distance putting to give them room to move. Stiffening up will make the putt less smooth.
Hopefully these putting tips will help you with your next game!

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